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How Do I Become Debt Free?

It has been almost a week since my beloved football team, the Seattle Seahawks won the 2014 Super Bowl and I could not be more proud of my city and team. The Seahawks were so successful this year because they

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Do I Make Too Much Money To File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Whenever I first meet with a potential client for a bankruptcy/debt relief consultation I am always thinking “can this person file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy.” The reason is that a chapter 7 bankruptcy allows for a debtor to discharge

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Can I Still File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy If I Make Too Much?

Generally when debtors make an appointment to discuss their options with a bankruptcy lawyer, they are hoping to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy that will wipe away all of their debt without having to repay any of their debts rather

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How Do I Get Rid of My Second Mortgage?

With the state of the current economy many home owners are finding out that their homes may be under water by quite a bit of money. Furthermore, some debtors are finding that they simply cannot pay on their second mortgage.

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Should I Pay Any of My Debts After Filing for Bankruptcy?

The reason most debtors hire a bankruptcy attorney is because they simply cannot keep up with their debts due to mistakes they have made in the past, unemployment or unexpected circumstances. For most people considering bankruptcy, they are delinquent by

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Can I Sell My Home After Filing For Bankruptcy?

When filing for bankruptcy with the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, debtors often ask whether they should sell assets off prior to filing for bankruptcy or after filing for bankruptcy. Generally I tell them that you should wait to

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Will I Be Able To Start A New Business After Filing For Bankruptcy?

There are many reasons why a debtor may choose to file bankruptcy and consult a bankruptcy lawyer. Some of those reasons have to do with a failed business, medical bills, or unemployment. For most small business owners who have started

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Should I File Bankruptcy if I have Valuable Assets?

Should I file for bankruptcy if I own valuable assets that are not exempt when filing for bankruptcy? This a good question for you to ask your bankruptcy attorney after you set up your free bankruptcy consultation. The answer is

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Do I Have to Tell The Bankruptcy Court Everything?

Debtors who are considering filing for bankruptcy often want a quick fix without having to think too much. This makes sense as that is how most people think, however this is not realistic when filing for bankruptcy. When you file

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Watch Out For Fake Debt Collectors After Filing Bankruptcy?

There are many scams in the world that people should watch out for and now I have first hand experience in dealing with the latest scam. As bankruptcy lawyer in Seattle, Washington I recently had debtors tell me all the

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