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Symmes Law Group, PLLC strives to provide impeccable personal service to all of our clients in assisting you with your legal needs. Below are a few comments from some of our satisfied customers.

Lisa A Wagner Avatar
Lisa A Wagner

I have been so impressed with the kindness and professionalism of Richard . Any delays in this bankruptcy process has been entirely mine, not his, and I am extremely grateful for his patience with me in answering all my questions. He has Always been polite, even when I know I... read more - 9/19/2019

Melissa Vazquez Avatar
Melissa Vazquez

Richard is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. He was also incredibly responsive. I would send emails at all hours of the day and night due to my crazy work schedule and he would answer promptly every time. It's hard to get service like that these days. Going through a legal process... read more - 6/25/2019

Karen Pettus Avatar
Karen Pettus

Richard is an excellent lawyer he will get the job done fast and efficient he sis an excellent job for me and my family during a stressful time when my mother past away we email home a question on a Sunday expecting to hear from him on Monday much to... read more - 8/25/2019

Melody Sierra Avatar
Melody Sierra

He was amazing. He was always available. He answered every question. He responded so quickly, day and night, weekends. I was so nervous through this process and he was like a rock. I couldn't believe how easy he made it. I wish he did other types of law because I... read more - 9/18/2019

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Symmes Law Group, PLLC
Average rating:  
 77 reviews
by Mehdi G on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Knowledgeable, Smart, on time, responsible, quick responds which hardly ever you get from most of the attorneys.

by Thao V. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

I looked around and found Symmes Law Group with all good comments and decided to send an email. After all, it's a right call.  Richard is very knowledgeable, patient and professional. I really appreciated his patience when we need more time and ask so many questions.  He answered them professionally so we can understand situation clearly.  He is really quick on responding all questions even after hour or weekends and walked us through the process, make thing much easier with the list of what needs to be done.  It's 5 star service and I would recommend him to everyone!

by Rosy M. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Richard is excellent!  Very timely with follow up and answering all my questions. I had some big decisions to make and he helped me siff through the different scenarios and possible outcomes.  I appreciate his patience, knowledge, and professionalism.  If you need a good attorney this guy is it!

by Adam R on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Mr. Symmes turned what I thought would be a stressful and anxiety-ridden experience into one of learning and low-stress with his compassion and lighting-fast responses to my emails. If you're going to file for bankruptcy, do yourself a favor and stop searching for an needs to be Richard Symmes.

by Cuong on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Awesome legal service, Richard was helpful and answered all the questions I had. He explained everything that I don’t understand. Thanks for your service Richard. I highly recommend him.

by Karen B. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

We have been dealing with mortgage issues for years after a bad mortgage with Wells Fargo during the housing crisis. I called Richard and he was able to file our documents the same day without hesitation. We will be retaining him to resolve this matter once and for all. Don't waste your time calling around. You will not find a more pleasant or efficient person to handle your case!!! If I could give him 6 stars I would

by Ehren M. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Richard is fantastic! He was very informative and kind. He answered all our questions and was very patient. His response time is incredible too. Even if I sent an email late at night or on a weekend, I typically received a response within an hour. He made the process very easy and helped keep our stress levels low.

by Melissa S. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Richard is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. He was also incredibly responsive. I would send emails at all hours of the day and night due to my crazy work schedule and he would answer promptly every time. It's hard to get service like that these days. Going through a legal process is stressful during the best of times, but I always felt 100% confident that he would do a fantastic job. I highly recommend his services.

by David F. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

We hired Richard on behalf of a client of ours, a CEO, with a complex and challenging financial situation. The CEO himself added to the difficulty bringing a lack of knowledge, continual questions, and a waffling inability to stay the course. At every juncture Richard answered all questions with the patience of Job and in a clear, supportive, direct and expert manner. Most importantly, Richard achieved a final deal that is extraordinary and beyond expectations. Richard Symmes is the King Kong of Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement attorney's. And a heck of guy.

by Wendy S. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

I want to say that if the expression "Incredible Awesome" is allowed to be used together, I am doing it! because is my best way do describe Richard Symmes Law Group. We had a terrible and a very hard case on our condominium. We were running out of time (couple days left only) but kindly and full of ideas he agreed to take our case, he work with us way before and past business hrs. I never before had a super fast return phone call from any professional until we meet Him! In few words: Mr. Symmes is the most amazing professional and the greatest Lawyer we ever met and we do recommend his Law Group services to anyone that really needs the best Lawyer with amazing results. Forever thankful Mr. Symmes! Mil Gracias!

by Janis A. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

I wish I could give Richard 10 stars. He was always there to answer all my questions, walked me through the process and took my case when I had less then 24 hours to get all documents complete and filed. He is someone I would gladly and proudly refer my friends to, if they ever need help. He treats you as if you are his only client… He is a champ who understands that when people come to him they are scared, confused and he takes his time to explain all your options and suggest which one he feels would work best for you. Thanks again Richard for being there for me you were a GOD send!

by Gina B. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Working with Mr. Symmes was an extremely easy and quick legal process. He was thorough, knowledgeable and was able to handle my legal problem quite smoothly. I definitely recommend him for your legal issues.

by Layla D. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Mr Symmes was very quick with every response witch was a breath of fresh air, I needed help regarding a misunderstanding with MCM and he was able to set me in the correct direction in less than a week! I highly recommend Richard Symmes to get the job done.

by Carolyn M. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Mr Richard Symmes is a great attorney! He's proficient, timely, smart, and thorough. Highly recommend: A+++.

by Steve R. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

If there were a 10 star rating, I'd give Richard an 11. This gentleman is the consummate professional, always going above and beyond what I've ever experienced with any attorney. He's extremely knowledgeable of his craft, he's very timely in responses, kind, and courteous. I don't want to say I had a million questions, repeatedly, over, and over, but I did, and Richard stayed with me, step for step, tireless, and on point. I can't recommend him highly enough. If you have any bankruptcy related issues, this is THE attorney. Period.

by John H. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

I found Mr. Symmes via NACBA (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys). Setting up the initial consultation was simple and easy. After meeting with Mr. Symmes at his downtown Seattle office, I decided to retain his services because he struck me as someone who knew exactly what he was doing and could make this seemingly challenging situation go smoothly. Smoothly the process has been. Yes there is a lot of paperwork and other required items involved. But those are mainly required by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Mr. Symmes simply ensures that you're not confused, while also making sure all is in order in able to file your bankruptcy petition correctly. Mr. Symmes has awesome communication skills. Prompt and courteous as well. Point is I personally highly recommend hiring Mr. Symmes. Thanks!

by Adriana F. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Richard is amazing. I was mortified and so depressed when I had to file for bankruptcy. He made the process very easy, if I knew how painless it would be I wouldn't have been so worried. If you're going to use Richard, I can tell you, you can calm down right now, it's going to be okay. He was VERY available and answered every dumb question I had (I had a lot!!) quickly. I highly recommend him. For an unrelated case I met a lot of different lawyers and the more I met the more obvious it was that Richard was a lot more sensible, and organized than most lawyers. He's absolutely the attorney you should use.

by Kevin J. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Richard Symmes did a fantastic job at making an otherwise overwhelming and stressful situation manageable and as stress-free as possible while filing for bankruptcy. Richard is patient and methodical throughout every step of the bankruptcy process, and he's extremely responsive when addressing your questions or concerns. Moreover, his knowledge and expertise makes him extremely efficient, which is especially beneficial for those already stretched thin on time and resources. I am extremely grateful for Richard’s help and support and highly recommend Richard Symmes and Symmes Law Group without reservation to anyone considering filing for bankruptcy.

by Laura G. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

I found Symmes Law Group PLLC via an online search after I was turned off by another attorney who was aggressive and rather rude. Richard Symmes helped me handle a very personal and delicate situation in the most professional and accommodating manner. He was patient and thorough while answering my numerous emails and questions promptly, guiding me through the entire process. Working with Symmes Law Group made the process extremely smooth. I would highly recommend their services!

by Jon W. on Symmes Law Group, PLLC

Richard Symmes is an excellent attorney. He made my Chapter 7 bankruptcy go best case scenario. He made the process very easy. I think my favorite thing Richard does is communicates very easily, He usually answers the phone, if not calls back very quickly. He responds to emails most of the time within minutes. Probably the quickest email responder that I've ever experienced with anyone. I even texted him a few times and again, he responded very quickly and was ok with communicating via text. I highly recommend Richard if you are having financial difficulty and are looking for a bankruptcy attorney. I can't imagine getting better service from anyone else. I can't think of a way anyone could be better than Richard. I found Richard by reading his excellent reviews. I would advise others to do the same and contact Richard for assistance. Thank you Richard for all of your help!!!

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