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At the law office of Symmes Law Group, our attorneys help people every year take advantage of their rights under bankruptcy protection to restart, rebuild, and recover their financial futures. Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect debtors. At the end of your bankruptcy filing, you should be better positioned to move forward and have the tools and information you need to succeed. Select a section below to help you get started understanding what the first steps are, or feel free to contact us today to discuss your situation with a bankruptcy attorney.
Consumer Bankruptcy Seattle

Consumer Bankruptcy Law

Where Can I Find An Experienced Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney in Seattle, Washington? Symmes Law Group, PLLC handles all matters related to consumer bankruptcy filings, including protection under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The U.S.
Chapter 7 Seattle

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Seattle Whether it is you, a family member, or your small business experiencing financial hardship in this tough economy, sometimes filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is the best solution for your most difficult problems.
Chapter 13 Seattle

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Seattle, Washington Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also called debt consolidation, and it can be a good option for those with regular income who are having trouble keeping up with the regular monthly payments, facing foreclosure,

Student Loan Settlement and Rehabilitation

Student Loan Lawyers in Seattle If you are having trouble making payments on your student loans, have been delinquent or are currently in default on your student loan payments, Seattle, Washington based law firm, Symmes Law Group can help get
What is the Difference Between Filing for Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement?

Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement

What is the Difference Between Filing for Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement? A person cannot go more than a few days without hearing a radio or TV advertisement stating that some company can consolidate or settle your debts and negotiate with
What is Debt Settlement?

Debt Settlement Lawyers in Seattle

Debt Settlement Lawyers in Seattle, Washington Many individuals and companies have reached positive outcomes and amicable solutions through negotiating settlements with their creditors. Indeed, negotiating with ones creditors could be an extremely effective option when faced with high debt or filing for bankruptcy. Using the
What is Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Mediation (FFA)?

Foreclosure Defense Mediation

What is Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Mediation (FFA)? Symmes Law Group offers full representation in association with the Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act (RCW 61.24). The Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act (FFA) allows homeowners who own a primary residence with
Credit Repair Seattle

Credit Repair & Credit Counseling

How Can a Credit Repair Lawyer Help Me? If you are looking to re-establish your credit and get back on your feet so that you will qualify for home loans, cars or lower interest rates then Symmes Law Group offers

Estate Planning & Probate

An estate plan is something that everyone in Seattle, Washington should have in place. It allows you to let others know your intentions regarding your medical decisions, assets and guardianship once you are gone rather than allowing Washington State make those decisions for you.
Real Estate Lawyer in Washington State

Buying & Selling Real Estate

Buying & Selling Real Estate in Washington Buying and selling real estate can be complex but it doesn’t have to be with Richard Symmes assisting you in your real estate transaction. Richard Symmes is a one of the highest rated
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