Buying & Selling Real Estate in Washington

Buying and selling real estate can be complex but it doesn’t have to be with Richard Symmes assisting you in your real estate transaction. Richard Symmes is a one of the highest rated attorneys in the Seattle area on websites such as Yelp and Google who also holds a managing brokers real estate license and is an affiliated managing broker with EXP Realty focusing on real estate transactions involving probate, divorce and short sales.

While equipped to handle any real estate transaction, Richard Symmes is uniquely positioned to assist with properties involved in underlying legal proceedings as he has been involved in such matters as an attorney for families needing to file a probate, divorce or negotiating a short sales or deed in lieus of foreclosure for over a decade.

Real estate transactions typically involve negotiations, contract law and real estate law so having an advocate well versed in these areas is advisable and where having a real estate broker who is also a practicing attorney can be to your advantage to maximize the amount of profit or savings in your transaction.

For Real Estate Buyers

Real Estate Lawyer in Washington State

Having an accomplished Real Estate Lawyer as your support team is a smart way to guarantee a smooth transaction.

Today’s real estate buyers are just like you. They are more educated, more involved and more hands on than ever before. Often browsing online websites such as Redfin, Zillow and Trulia to find the perfect home and only need assistance with submitting an offer and if successful closing the transaction. Work with Richard Symmes and you get trusted advice from an experienced managing broker who has experience negotiating the best terms on clients behalf while utilizing a decade of experience cutting deals while in the practice of law.

So How Does Buying a Home With Richard Symmes Work?

(1) When you contact Richard Symmes you will be able to have your general questions answered by Richard Symmes and then you may schedule a phone or office consultation with Richard Symmes and/or one of our affiliated EXP brokers to answer more specific questions about your real estate goals and needs.

(2) If you decide to engage Richard Symmes in accordance with purchasing real estate, Richard Symmes or one of our affiliated EXP brokers will accompany you to properties in which you would like to view.

(3) Richard Symmes will communicate with you throughout the process and advise you on the best strategy and negotiations thereafter to get your offer accepted by a seller. If you decide to make an offer on a property Richard Symmes will prepare a purchase and sales contract subject to seller acceptance complete with advisable addendums and important contingencies including financing.

(4) Once an offer is accepted Richard Symmes will assist you in scheduling an inspection, reviewing closing documents and answering any follow questions you may have until you close on your property.

For Real Estate Sellers

Individuals or families that need to sell real estate should always consult with a real estate broker prior to make any quick decisions about a property if it may be involved in a legal proceeding. Real Estate investors are always quick to send out letters and market to properties that may be involved in probate, divorce or under the threat of foreclosure as you may have started receiving correspondence from these outfits. They may offer you cash for a quick sale, but you may be leaving money on the table if you go this route, and at a minimum you should learn about all of your options that may be available.

When you contact Richard Symmes, he will provide you with options including providing you with a complete market analysis and reasonable expectations if you decide to list your property on the MLS or pursue and off market deal and what it will take to maximize the full value and get the most profit in your pocket.

Symmes Law Group can also advise you on what a lender may be looking for in terms of your credit scores as well whether it’s possible to receive a cash offer on your home for up to 70-80% of the after repair value of your home through EXP Realty’s new Express offer program.  

Call a Seattle Real Estate Broker today at 206-682-7975 to schedule your free initial consultation to learn more.

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