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Seattle Bankruptcy LawyersIt has been almost a week since my beloved football team, the Seattle Seahawks won the 2014 Super Bowl and I could not be more proud of my city and team. The Seahawks were so successful this year because they had a talented team and coaches, worked together as a team and followed their coaches game plan. This formula for success can be applied to any business and even your personal goal to be debt free and securing great credit.

In order to be successful in becoming debt free you must find your talented coach (debt relief attorney) much like Paul Allen, the owner of the Seahawks sought out Pete Carroll from USC to to be the coach of the Seahawks and set things in motion. When looking for a debt relief lawyer it’s not about who can do the job for the least amount of money or who is closest to your home, it’s about who has the best game plan for you and who you believe will turn around your personal financial affairs in the most efficient and successful fashion. Your coach/debt lawyer has a playbook in which they can come up with a game plan. At Symmes Law Group our play book consists of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt settlement, credit repair, and Foreclosure Fairness Mediation among other things and laws which may be available to you depending on your situation.

Make no mistake about it, filing bankruptcy and obtaining a fresh financial start is a team effort and if your bankruptcy lawyer is the coach with the game plan, that makes you the player in charge of executing the game plan given to you. In bankruptcy that means listening to what your attorney has told you in terms of when to file, disclosing important information, gathering up requested paperwork, making timely payments to your attorney and trustee and showing up to court and appointments on time to obtain the best results for your case. If you listen to your attorney you will most likely obtain a discharge of your debts at the end of a chapter 7 bankruptcy or your will obtain the best chapter 13 repayment plan based on your disposable income. Of course there are players for the other team which may come in to play such as a bankruptcy trustee who looks out for the best interest of your creditors as well as your creditors who may have a game plan of their own to stop you from winning (obtaining a discharge). At Symmes Law Group we are confident in our game plan but will advise you if we think you may be over matched and that filing bankruptcy or other plays we have might not be a good idea for various reasons.

These same principals and system can be applied to any area of law, whether it’s bankruptcy, credit repair or debt settlement. Buy in to the game plan that is given to you by your lawyer, and execute that game plan to perfection. Failure to execute the game plan leaves little chance of success in obtaining your financial freedom. If you are serious about winning and you have put in the work to become a champion and reach your goals, you will have success. As the Seahawks say, “What’s Next!

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