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13 Facts You Need To Know about How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help You Be Debt Free!

How Can Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help You Be Debt Free When most people first learn of chapter 13 bankruptcy they have a lot of questions about what the process is like, what to expect and whether it is right for

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What If I Can’t Make My Chapter 13 Payments?

If you have filed chapter 13 bankruptcy it is probably because you were either an above median debtor for your family size, you are trying to save a home, or you have already received a chapter 7 discharge in the

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How Do I Become Debt Free?

It has been almost a week since my beloved football team, the Seattle Seahawks won the 2014 Super Bowl and I could not be more proud of my city and team. The Seahawks were so successful this year because they

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Can I strip My Second Mortgage If I File Bankruptcy?

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you may want to consider talking to a bankruptcy law firm to learn about all of debt relief the options that may be available to you. People with large amounts of debt who are

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How to Incur New Debt in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

When potential chapter 13 bankruptcy client comes in for a consultation, the number one question they have is, “what if I have to incur new debt while in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?” This is a legitimate question, as a chapter

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