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Foreclosure Defense, Credit Repair and Bankruptcy Seminar on 3/14/2013

Come join Symmes Law Group, PLLC for a FREE informational seminar in the areas of Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modification, Credit Restoration and Bankruptcy. Learn about your legal options and solutions for getting a loan modification and stopping a foreclosure under

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What Happens During Foreclosure Fairness Mediation?

What Happens During Foreclosure Fairness Mediation? If you are facing a home foreclosure, a foreclosure defense lawyer in Washington State can help. Under the Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act an attorney or housing counselor can request mediation on your behalf

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Washington Supreme Court Says MERS Can’t Foreclose on Your Home

There are many tools that a Washington state foreclosure defense attorney has at their disposal, but the Washington State Supreme Court just gave home owners another tool at their disposal to combat pending foreclosures or foreclosures that should not have

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Loan Modifications Are No Guarantee of Retaining Your Home

A recent article that I came across details how many debtors are beginning to default on their FHA modified home loans after their modifications at a high rate. When seeking the advice of a foreclosure defense lawyer for the purpose

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