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Should I Hire A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer?

It is no surprise that most people want to receive the best deal that they can get, whether they are buying a car, a home or are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer. Much like buying any other goods or services,

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What Are My Rights in a Debt Collection Lawsuit?

As a debt relief lawyer in the Seattle area, I often get asked the question, what are my legal rights when I get sued by a debt collector? The Northwest Justice Project created an excellent in depth guide which I

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Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act Provides Mediation for 2,300 Borrowers

The Washington State Foreclosure Fairness act which came into law in July 2011 is now a year and a half old and to date 2,300 borrowers have taken advantage of requesting a mediation prior to foreclosure in the hopes of

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Credit Unions and Bankruptcy

Did you know that having unsecured debt as well as secured debt with a credit union can cause potential problems when filing your bankruptcy case in Washington State? You see credit unions abide by a different set of rules than

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Do I have to Pay Taxes on Forgiven Bankruptcy Debt?

One common question that debtors have when they meet with a bankruptcy lawyer is whether they have to count the income that is discharged in bankruptcy as income on their tax returns. Common sense would say that yes, this income

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Former Sports Agent Files For Bankruptcy

Prior to becoming a bankruptcy attorney in Seattle, I was preparing myself to start working at a sports agency and picked up the book “Winning with Integrity” by Leigh Steinberg. The book gives a great glimpse into the world of

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What Will Happen to My Credit After Filing Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is not a decision that is usually taken lightly or alone. Debtors should talk to their family and friends and most importantly speak to a a qualified bankruptcy attorney that can advise on the ramifications of your

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Can I Get Rid of My Second Mortgage by Filing Bankruptcy?

There are many reasons in which potential debtors may be considering filing for bankruptcy, but one of the most common questions people ask is of bankruptcy lawyers is whether they can get rid of their second mortgage by filing bankruptcy. 

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What Does A Bankruptcy Lawyer Do?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, but are wondering whether you should hire a bankruptcy lawyer, then you should understand that bankruptcy can be a complex area of the law and having an expert on your side is usually

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What if I am Expecting an Inheritance Prior to Filing Bankruptcy?

Believe it or not, debtors considering filing for bankruptcy often receive inheritances prior to or just after declaring bankruptcy.  If you are expecting an inheritance or have received or are expecting to receive an inheritance within 180 days of filing

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