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Should I Pay Minimums On Debt or File Bankruptcy?

Nobody likes or wants to have to file for bankruptcy, but often times it is the only way to break free of the strangle hold that the credit card companies hold over you. If you are somebody with a significant

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Can I Re-File a Bankruptcy After it is dismissed?

A bankruptcy case could get dismissed for a variety of reasons, either voluntarily or involuntarily. A bankruptcy attorney can advise you about what options you have if you decide that you need to refile your case after your first case

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Do I Have to Tell The Bankruptcy Court Everything?

Debtors who are considering filing for bankruptcy often want a quick fix without having to think too much. This makes sense as that is how most people think, however this is not realistic when filing for bankruptcy. When you file

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What if I am Being Garnished Without Notice?

What if I am Being Garnished Without Notice? Have you been garnished without receiving notice of the lawsuit? Believe it or not, people call me all the time regarding this issue.  If garnishment proceedings have been initiated against you, but

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What Will Happen to My Credit After Filing Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is not a decision that is usually taken lightly or alone. Debtors should talk to their family and friends and most importantly speak to a a qualified bankruptcy attorney that can advise on the ramifications of your

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Is Marital Debt Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

The issue of whether a debtor can discharge marital debt when they file for bankruptcy is something that comes up often during bankruptcy consultations with people who have a divorce in their past.  When clients come to see me regarding

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Who is the Bankruptcy Trustee?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you will hear all about the bankruptcy trustee. The bankruptcy trustees job is to sell your stuff or make a deal with you so that you can keep your stuff if you are

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What If I Have Valuable Assets and Want to File Bankruptcy?

Most chapter 7 bankruptcies end up being no-asset cases which means that the debtor gets to keep all of their personal belongings. In a no asset case there are no assets for a bankruptcy trustee to administer and distribute to

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Useful Information About Filing Bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in Washington State, you should consider all options that are at your disposal. Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy may eliminate a large portion of your unsecured debt, however it does stay on your credit

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Should I Tell My Bankruptcy Attorney About My Lawsuit?

If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy and are mixed up in or will soon be involved a lawsuit, you need to tell this information to your bankruptcy lawyer prior to when your case is filed. Any damages received from

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