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Erase debtIf you are considering filing for bankruptcy, but are wondering whether you should hire a bankruptcy lawyer, then you should understand that bankruptcy can be a complex area of the law and having an expert on your side is usually a good idea.

So you may be wondering what exactly your bankruptcy attorney will be doing for you. This depends on your case, however most cases start out in similar fashion. The process starts with a phone call to determine whether you are a good candidate for bankruptcy. If you are a good candidate your attorney will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and provide other documents such as bank statements and tax returns. Your attorney can then assemble your bankruptcy petition after combing through all of your information provided. Next your attorney will meet with you in order to go through your petition with you to make sure all information is correct and make sure you sign in the applicable areas. No your case can be filed and a court date will be obtained about 30 days from the date of filing. Your attorney will be with you when you go to court and meet with the bankruptcy trustee. After the meeting of creditors you will need to complete your post counseling course and then you should receive a bankruptcy discharge in about 3 months from your meeting of creditors.

Outside of the activities listed above, bankruptcy lawyers handle activities that may not be seen by debtors, such as communicate with your creditors, provide notice to creditors, talk to your bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case and attend court meetings or draft motions on your behalf should the need arise. Most importantly, most lawyers have to do a lot of hand holding and are there for you to make sure your case goes smoothly and that you have all of your questions answered and feel at ease about the whole process.

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