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Bankruptcy informationIf you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you might have been overwhelmed when your bankruptcy attorney told you what paperwork you may need to bring in to your the office in order to file your case.

Different bankruptcy lawyers may ask for the same information in various ways. Most bankruptcy lawyers will ask all clients, even those with less complicated cases, for the same amount of financial information, because they think that the more information that is obtained, the less the chance of information being omitted from the case.

Some attorneys might not need certain information if they ask the right questions during the initial consultation. Some bankruptcy lawyers are simply better than others at explaining the bankruptcy process to clients, so that the clients understand what is needed and why it needed. A great bankruptcy lawyer knows that the client must comprehend the reasons for the financial information requested that goes into a bankruptcy petition. That way, the potential client will return with what the bankruptcy lawyer wants, having been motivated by the lawyer to understand that gathering the necessary paperwork is a simple task which can be accomplished by the potential client within a reasonable time.

Below is a general list of the items you may need to provide your bankruptcy attorney, at a minimum, to complete your bankruptcy petition.

• Complete credit counseling and provide attorney with credit counseling certificate. This may be completed on the phone or online.
• Last six months paystubs or profit and loss from personal business
• Last two years of tax returns
• List of names, addresses and amounts of every debt that do not show up on your credit report
• Completed attorneys questionnaire which may be filled out on the computer
• Attorney fees as well as filing fees. Filing fees may be paid in installments with the court, however it is advisable to pay all at the time of filing.

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