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Bankrutpcy QuestionnaireWhen you visit a Seattle bankruptcy lawyer in Washington state they will most likely have you fill out a bankruptcy questionnaire before they will prepare your bankruptcy petition. Most bankruptcy questionnaire’s can be quite lengthy to make sure all of the information needed for a bankruptcy petition is gathered and to make sure any red flags are spotted prior to filing.  Red flags can include paying or transferring assets to family members, having bankruptcy assets that are not protected by bankruptcy exemptions or using credit cards or making extravagant purchases right before filing bankruptcy.  All of these items can cause your case not to go as smoothly as you would like and may result in you or your relatives losing money or assets.

I personally have a questionnaire that is about 27 pages long and have heard it takes clients some time to fill out. Most clients do not like filling out the questionnaire, but it is a small price to pay to make sure your bankruptcy case goes smoothly and all of the important information is gathered. I usually only provide the questionnaire to a potential client after speaking with them first and learning more about their case during a free consultation where I can determine if filing for bankruptcy makes the most sense or whether other options such as debt settlement make more sense. The bankruptcy questionnaire information along with a credit report, tax returns, bank statements and the last 6 months of pay stubs helps bankruptcy attorneys prepare the most accurate bankruptcy petition possible which is what you are looking for so that your case will go smoothly.  This bankruptcy article discusses more in depth as to why filling out a bankruptcy questionnaire is important.

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