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dismiss chapter 7 bankruptcyBelieve it or not, there are some people who realize that they don’t in fact want a chapter 7 bankruptcy to go through all the way until discharge even after they have hired a bankruptcy lawyer to file their case in order to obtain relief from their debts. there are several reasons why a person may want to have their case dismissed. One of the reasons is that perhaps the debtor has received an inheritance and now they don’t want the bankruptcy trustee assigned to their case to get a hold of any part of their inheritance. Another reason to get a case dismissed is that perhaps one spouse filed bankruptcy without the permission of another spouse and the wrong bankruptcy exemptions were used. Finally, a debtor may want to have their case dismissed due to the fact that they simply decided that bankruptcy was not the right course of action for them at the time.

If you are looking to have your case dismissed soon after the original filing date there are a few things that you can do. If you have not paid your original court filing fee then your case will eventually get dismissed if it is not paid. Another option is to fail to appear at your 341 meeting of creditors. Debtors are all required to make 1 appearance about 30 days after their case is filed. Failure to appear at this meeting will result in your case getting filed. Finally if you have already appeared at your meeting of creditors and paid your filing fee, then you may consider not completed your post filing financial management class. Debtor have 60 days from the meeting of creditors to complete this class. Failure to complete this class will result in your case being dismissed.

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