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Chapter 7 bankruptcyIf you are somebody who is having trouble staying on top of your debts and continuously struggle to make a debt in paying off the current principle of your debt, it may be time to speak to a experienced bankruptcy professional. Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy can liquidate most if not all of your unsecured debt without having to make any payments to your creditors while being able to keep in most cases all of your possessions.

Whether you will qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy will depend on what your income has been over the last six months and what your current family size is. If your income is below the median income for your family size you qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy, however there are other considerations which could affect your case which is why you should contact a bankruptcy lawyer to make sure filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best option. If you make over the median income in Washington for your family size you may qualify for a chapter 13 bankruptcy or you may attempt to try and settle your debts through debt settlement.

When people come to see me, a lot of them have concerns about what bankruptcy is going to do to their credit. The answer is it depends on your situation, but the chapter 7 bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years. With that said, immediately after you file for bankruptcy you will receive new credit card offers because these companies know that you cannot file bankruptcy again for 8 years. It should be noted that for some people, filing bankruptcy can actually improve credit because for these people who were not able to pay debt for several years, now have a fresh start and can rebuild there credit from scratch. Finally, if you are thinking about buying a house you can still qualify for in as little of time as 2-4 years. Bankruptcy may not be for everybody, but if you qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy attempting to make minimum payments or a debt settlement program just doesn’t make sense. Invest in your future and get help today!

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