Bankruptcy Questions Answered

Bankrutpcy Questions AnsweredRecently I joined a bankruptcy website where I submit answers to common bankruptcy questions debtors have. Below are some of the answers that I have submitted.

Can my fiancée and I file bankruptcy together?

When filing bankruptcy and you are married you have the option of filing a joint petition or filing individually. This applies whether you file chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy. If both parties are going to file, then it is preferable to file together to save the court time as well as save costs for yourself as to filing and bankruptcy attorney fees. If you are not yet married, then you will not be able to file a joint petition.

Are Bankruptcy Laws Different in Every State?

Bankruptcy exemption limits and local rules are different per state, however the general bankruptcy laws are based on Federal Law. There are also local procedural bankruptcy laws that are different per bankruptcy jurisdiction.

How Long Does the Bankruptcy Process Take?

The moment you file your bankruptcy cas, your creditors are required to stop harassing you. You will have a court date in about 30 days from the date of filing your case, and you will receive your bankruptcy discharge about 4 months from the date of filing.

How Many Times Can I file for Bankruptcy?

There is no limit to how many times you may file bankruptcy, however you may only file a chapter 7 bankruptcy after 8 years have passed since originally filing for chapter 7 or 4 years have passed since filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Can I File for Bankruptcy Online?

Most attorneys e-file bankruptcy petitions and you can most likely hire  a bankruptcy attorney to file your case for you, even if you are in a remote location. If you file your petition yourself, you may want to talk to your local bankruptcy court to determine what their procedures are.

Can a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy be Converted into a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Yes a chapter 13 bankruptcy may be converted into a chapter 7 bankruptcy if you would otherwise qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. You may keep your car as long as you are not over the exemption limits for your state.

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