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You may be entitled to surplus funds after the foreclosure sale of your home in Washington State if your home sells at a trustee sale for more than you owed on your mortgage(s) or judgment liens. You may be notified by a foreclosing trustee or perhaps a business or individual who seeks to “help” you obtain the funds on your behalf.  It is important that you know your rights with regards to foreclosure surplus funds and speak to a foreclosure surplus funds lawyer to learn about your options.  Often times former homeowners who had their homes foreclosed upon according to the foreclosure timeline in Washington State are unaware that if somebody makes a bid at auction over the amount that is owed on the property, then you may be entitled to those surplus funds. 

If you think you may be entitled to foreclosure surplus funds in Washington State, then you will want to know 7 things about Surplus Funds as outlined below or you can listen to attorney Richard Symmes discus 7 things to know about surplus funds on 1150 am KKNW radio here: