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Bothell, Washington, is far more than a Seattle suburb. This charming community provides many arts-focused offerings, including productions at the 600-seat Northshore Performing Arts Center, summer Music in the Park and other concerts at the Bothell Landing Amphitheater, and the Greater Bothell Arts & Crafts Fair. The town has been named one of the “Nicest Places in America,” offering residents the beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s natural spaces and easy access to Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Unfortunately, its livability has also led to high property values, taxes, and overall cost of living. As the prices of gas, food, and utilities continue to rise, many long-time Bothell residents may find themselves in danger of being pushed out of the area. Medical bills and lost time due to illness can put families on a fast track to foreclosure or eviction. 

If you are worried about your debt or in danger of losing your home, contact the professionals at Symmes Law Group, PLLC. We can help you understand and explore your options. 

Can I File for Bankruptcy to Get Out of Debt?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code has several provisions to help consumers get back on track and out from under crushing debt. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the code outline how these consumer bankruptcy laws can help you eliminate medical debts, mortgage arrears, and credit card debt.

In a “Chapter 7” bankruptcy, the court appoints a Trustee to review your income, expenses and assets to determine if you have any assets that are not protected or exempt that a trustee can liquidate and sell. Most people do get to keep all of their assets due to available exemptions.  The trustee reviews your available exemptions and determines if there are any assets that they can liquidate and sell for the benefit of creditors.  Most people get to keep a vehicle for everyday use, a primary residence, personal household items, pension and insurance plans, public benefits, and tax credits and incentives like the COVID-19 stimulus payments). Any other non exempt assets may be sold off to pay your creditors. The Chapter 7 process leaves you free from most kinds of debt. 

If you can’t file under Chapter 7 because your income is too high or you have a lot of non-dischargeable debt (like child support arrears or tax debt), you may be able to file under Chapter 13. This involves creating a payment plan so you can fully pay off your existing non dischargeable debts as well as eliminate your unsecured non priority debt like credit cards. Your attorney can negotiate lower interest rates, longer payment schedules, and other terms so you can pay what you owe and discharge these debts in full. 

How Long Does It Take to Become Debt-Free?

Although the entire bankruptcy process can take 90 days in a chapter 7 case or 3-5 years in a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, there’s some immediate good news: as soon as you file a bankruptcy petition, your creditors must stop attempting to collect outstanding debts right away. This “automatic stay” protection continues until your bankruptcy case is fully resolved, at which point your debts will either be discharged or fully paid off. Stop harassing phone calls now and start moving on with your life!

Will I Have to Go to Court?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Washington serves Bothell residents. Although there are courthouses in Seattle and Tacoma, nearly everything is now handled online. All documents are filed in the court’s online filing system, and most court hearings are held virtually via teleconference. 

You can even consult with one of our attorneys without leaving your home! The legal staff at Symmes Law Group, PLLC, can handle your entire case using teleconference software (like Zoom or other available video platforms). We use secure software systems, including online document signing programs and electronic authentication, to ensure the process is safe and convenient.

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If you’re facing foreclosure, drowning in debt, or overwhelmed by bills, take the first step now: contact the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Symmes Law Group, PLLC. We’ll help you understand the options available for your unique situation, including foreclosure fairness mediation, loan modification options, or obtaining surplus funds post foreclosure.  Contact us to set up a meeting today. 

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