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FDCPA LawyerLike in any other business, debt collectors need to evolve with the times. There have been reports that debt collectors have now turned to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace in order to harass debtors and their families regarding unpaid debts. If you believe that you are being harassed you should speak to a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Lawyer in order to learn about your rights. Some debt collectors have even resorted to posing as a family member or friend in order to get information regarding the debtors which is a clear violation of the FDCPA. There have also been reports that these debt collectors attempt to embarrass the debtor by posting messages on their Facebook wall regarding their debts. Seattle news station Komo 4 news recently conducted a problem solvers special report regarding this matter.

If you are on social networks it is best not to post pictures of expensive purchases or vacations as debt collectors may be able to access those items on your account and realize you may have additional income in which to pay them. Also it is always a good idea to set your privacy settings up so that only your friends can access your personal pictures and information. It is advisable to remember that any information placed on the internet is available for public consumption. This means that debt collectors will have access to this information as well. Therefore, the best way to protect your privacy is to make your personal information scarce online and not easily accessible to bill collectors or anybody else who may be seeking your personal information.  Consumers should also be aware that there are people out there who are just trying to scam you when you don’t actually owe a debt to anybody.  Therefore you should always ask for the companies name and contact information if you suspect foul play so you can report them to the FBI or the Attorney Generals office.

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