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What Happens After Filing For Bankruptcy?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you likely want to know what exactly happens once you do so. However if you want to know if filing for bankruptcy is a good idea and whether chapter 7 or chapter 13

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Can Credit Card Companies Prove I owe Them Money?

Can Credit Card Companies Prove I owe Them Money? I recently came across an article here that confirmed what I already knew, most credit card lawsuits can’t prove the borrower owes them money. Many of the people that I receive

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Can I Afford To Wait To File Bankruptcy?

Since the beginning of time, and as long as I have been practicing law, people have been procrastinating. Unfortunately people tend to procrastinate themselves out of thousands of dollars that they might otherwise have been able to keep in their pocket.

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How Do I Declare Bankruptcy? If only declaring for bankruptcy was as easy as Michael Scott from the Office makes it look. You see, one can’t simply “declare bankruptcy.” You will most likely have to hire an actual bankruptcy lawyer in order to help

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