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boostcreditscoresFor individuals who are seeking help boosting credit scores, consumers will have many options. With that said, there are not many companies who are credible and will permanently restore your credit. First of all, many of the companies advertising and doing work in this area are not local companies. Some even call themselves a law firm or use law in their name, when in fact they do not practice law and you will never be dealing with an attorney who understands the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) laws.

Rather you will be dealing with somebody in a call center who has no legal (or any other credit training) and does not fully understand your situation nor will they be able to provide a tailored approach to your situation. These companies usually send out generic letters and basically tell credit bureau’s that you dispute ALL debts on your credit (this is a violation of the FCRA as your disputes are not in good faith), which usually results in the debt being reported back on to your credit at a later date if it is removed at all. Further these company’s most likely only do bureau level disputes and make no contact with your original creditors. This approach can also cause problems down the road for you if you have a real dispute of a creditor on your credit and you would like to seek out legal action at a later date as you will be portrayed as not being honest and unreliable.

Further, a generic credit report company cannot actually provide you with legal advice as that would be considered the unauthorized practice of law (you need a law license for this). If a situation arises where you would like to settle your debt, file an answer to lawsuit, or enforce the laws of the FCRA should the need arise, a law firm is where you would have to turn. Also you had better make sure the law firm is local, or else you will have to pay additional fees to hire a local lawyer to assist you as out of state lawyers cannot practice law in your state without being licensed in your state. Finally, an actual law firm is held to a higher standard over fly by night credit repair companies. Lawyers are regulated by their state bar associations and most carry legal malpractice insurance. For most people that would like the piece of mind that they are not being taken advantage of, a law firm can provide that assurance. Wouldn’t be nice to have all of these options and assurance in one place?

I think that it goes without saying, that if you want things done properly, you want to be able to talk to somebody who is local, knowledgeable, who understands you situation with the added benefit of being able to assist you with actual legal matters and provide assurance that the company you have hired is regulated by the state bar association, then the choice you should make is to hire a respected law firm to help you repair your credit!

Symmes Law Group can also advise you on qualifying for a mortgage loan or refinance and what a lender may be looking for in terms of your credit scores.

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