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Can Filing Bankruptcy Halt Trademark Litigation?

When a person or company files for Bankruptcy, an automatic stay is imposed against all creditors and even includes putting a stay on lawsuits, including those involving trademarks filed in Washington State.  This means that nobody can attempt to collect on a debt after you have filed a bankruptcy case and the debt was incurred prior to your bankruptcy filing.  If you wish to continue on with a lawsuit or a collection effort, then you must request permission from the bankruptcy court for “relief” from the automatic stay.  If relief is granted in your case then collection efforts may continue.

A recent case filed in the Western District of Washington, Precision Automotive LLC v. Avstar Fuel Systems, Inc., No. 10-1174 (W.D. Wash. Sept. 13, 2010) (Jones, J.), stayed a trademark infringement claim that otherwise would have moved forward.  If the debt allegedly owed is considered a non dischargeable debt, for instance if the debt was incurred due to intentional acts of the debtor, a plaintiff may argue that this debt is non dischargeable.  If a creditor wishes to object to a debtors bankruptcy filing they must file an adversary case in order to make their argument and have a judge determine whether a certain debt is considered dischargeable and whether collection efforts can continue post bankruptcy.  If a debt is non objected to in a timely fashion, a creditor may lose the right to challenge whether the particular debts should be discharged in a bankruptcy or not.  If you are not sure whether a debt is considered dischargeable you should contact a bankruptcy professional who may be able to provide some guidance to you in your situation.

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