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Credit counselingIf you are somebody who is struggling to pay your bills and living paycheck to paycheck you should seek the advice of a debt relief professional. A bankruptcy law firm can advise you on what options may be best for you which include chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy and debt settlement. If you determine that filing bankruptcy is you best option you will be required to complete a pre-filing credit counseling court, a post filing financial management course and you must pay all of your filing fees in order to receive a discharge in your case.

Your bankruptcy attorney will advise you that if you fail to complete you pre or post counseling classes or fail to pay your bankruptcy filing fees your case will be dismissed without you receiving a discharge of your debts. I usually advise that clients pay their filing fees at the time of filing ($306 in a chapter 7 bankruptcy and $281 in a chapter 13 bankruptcy). Additionally you must complete your credit counseling class prior to filing and complete your financial management course within 6o days of your 341 meeting of creditors. If you are somebody who for whatever reason did not complete your post counseling class within the applicable 60 day period after the meeting of creditors you case could be closed without discharged. This means that your attorney will have to re-open your case (the court charges $260), you will have to complete the post counseling class and then you may receive your discharge.

If your case is dismissed for failure to pay your filing fees in installments you may need to refile your entire case, however filing a motion to reopen the case may be an option as well depending on your jurisdiction. You should also watch to make sure that your order of dismissal does preclude you from refiling your case in the next 180 days from your case closure date.

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