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Symmes Law Group, PLLC strives to provide impeccable personal service to all of our clients in assisting you with your legal needs. Below are a few comments from some of our satisfied customers.
Client Testimonials

“I want to say that if the expression “Incredible Awesome” is allowed to be used together, I am doing it! because is my best way do describe Richard Symmes Law Group. We had a terrible and a very hard case on our condominium. We were running out of time (couple days left only) but kindly and full of ideas he agreed to take our case, he work with us way before and past business hrs. I never before had a super fast return phone call from any professional until we meet Him! In few words: Mr. Symmes is the most amazing professional and the greatest Lawyer we ever met and we do recommend his Law Group services to anyone that really needs the best Lawyer with amazing results. Forever thankful Mr. Symmes! Mil Gracias!
~ Wendy S.

“I wish I could give Richard 10 stars. He was always there to answer all my questions, walked me through the process and took my case when I had less then 24 hours to get all documents complete and filed. He is someone I would gladly and proudly refer my friends to, if they ever need help. He treats you as if you are his only client… He is a champ who understands that when people come to him they are scared, confused and he takes his time to explain all your options and suggest which one he feels would work best for you. Thanks again Richard for being there for me you were a GOD send!”
~ Janis A.

“We hired Richard on behalf of a client of ours, a CEO, with a complex and challenging financial situation. The CEO himself added to the difficulty bringing a lack of knowledge, continual questions, and a waffling inability to stay the course. At every juncture Richard answered all questions with the patience of Job and in a clear, supportive, direct and expert manner. Most importantly, Richard achieved a final deal that is extraordinary and beyond expectations. Richard Symmes is the King Kong of Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement attorney’s. And a heck of guy.”
~ David F.

“If there were a 10 star rating, I’d give Richard an 11. This gentleman is the consummate professional, always going above and beyond what I’ve ever experienced with any attorney. He’s extremely knowledgeable of his craft, he’s very timely in responses, kind, and courteous. I don’t want to say I had a million questions, repeatedly, over, and over, but I did, and Richard stayed with me, step for step, tireless, and on point. I can’t recommend him highly enough. If you have any bankruptcy related issues, this is THE attorney. Period.”
~ Steve R.

“Richard is amazing. I was mortified and so depressed when I had to file for bankruptcy. He made the process very easy, if I knew how painless it would be I wouldn’t have been so worried. If you’re going to use Richard, I can tell you, you can calm down right now, it’s going to be okay. He was VERY available and answered every dumb question I had (I had a lot!!) quickly. I highly recommend him. For an unrelated case I met a lot of different lawyers and the more I met the more obvious it was that Richard was a lot more sensible, and organized than most lawyers. He’s absolutely the attorney you should use.
~ Adriana F.

“Richard Symmes is an excellent attorney. He made my Chapter 7 bankruptcy go best case scenario. He made the process very easy. I think my favorite thing Richard does is communicates very easily, He usually answers the phone, if not calls back very quickly. He responds to emails most of the time within minutes. Probably the quickest email responder that I’ve ever experienced with anyone. I even texted him a few times and again, he responded very quickly and was ok with communicating via text. I highly recommend Richard if you are having financial difficulty and are looking for a bankruptcy attorney. I can’t imagine getting better service from anyone else. I can’t think of a way anyone could be better than Richard. I found Richard by reading his excellent reviews. I would advise others to do the same and contact Richard for assistance. Thank you Richard for all of your help!!!”
~ Jon W.

“Richard is not only a great attorney but he is a kind person. I had so many questions and he always responded the same day if he wasn’t able to answer the phone. He never acted like any of my questions were stupid, which looking back, I know they were, haha! He helped my husband and I during a very confusing and stressful time in our lives. We have a new baby and now we also have a new start in life. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us!”
~ Christy B.

“Mr. Symmes answered every call and email quickly and concisely. He was incredibly patient with my poor direction following, stupid questions, and lost email attachments. Had I been on top of my end’s responsibilities the whole process would have been lickity-split. Even though I dragged the process out over 3 months he was always professional, prompt and accommodating. Many thanks!”
~ Alison C.

“Richard has been a great attorney as he’s led me through the Chapter 7 process. Any questions I’ve had he’s responded right away and he has helped me feel more comfortable with something that can be a pretty daunting process when you make the decision to file. I would recommend Rich to anyone that is considering filing. He will answer all your questions and get the job done right and fast.”
~ Aaron L.

“Richard has been very responsive, informative and most of all calming. Going through a bankruptcy is a tough one to swallow, and a major hit on anyone’s pride. Through the process, I have asked Richard several questions and he replies immediately with guidance, honesty and tells you exactly what you need and can expect. I would recommend anyone to Richard Symmes. The process isn’t over yet, but I am confident I am represented by a top notch attorney. Thank you, Richard!”
~ Stacey N.

FANTASTIC legal service! We had the opportunity to work with Richard Symmes, esq. on a legal matter and he was extremely responsive, a good communicator, and most importantly he was very easy to deal with all throughout our relationship. We were under a tight deadline to file our documents before the end of the calendar year and Mr. Symmes worked diligently to get everything completed and filed well before the deadline. Throughout our email and Vmail exchanges he was responsive and kept us up-to-date while making sure that all of our questions were answered in a timely manner. He took complicated legal questions and broke things down for us to understand during our work together. His office was easy to reach and we met with Richard in person a few times in addition to the numerous exchanges we had via email and phone calls. If the need ever arose, we would definitely work with Richard again and highly recommend him to anyone who requires excellent service in an attorney.”
~ Carter W.

“My wife and I met Richard through a work colleague of my wife. I was very skeptical at first because I have trust issues when people ask for my money even though he’s an attorney. My wife believed in him and that was enough for me. The one thing that really sticks out for me about Richard is how he explained everything before it happened and answered any doubts I had after. The one doubt I really had was, how really easy it was going to be and how fast it happened. I appreciate how he simplified word for word how everything was going to happen. We filed chapter seven and let me tell you it was very scary at first but I’m very glad it’s over and that we used Richard Symmes as our attorney. Do I recommend him, heck yes. Would we use him again; well let’s hope we won’t have to but of course WE would if that were the case.
~ Joe & Nina.

Highly Recommended! Bright, effective lawyer and superb, timely client communications. I was at my wits’ end trying for two years to negotiate payback on two private student loans from a notoriously difficult-to-deal-with lender. I found Richard, and he explained the odds (very low) of getting them to negotiate, and why this was so. I believed the risk was worth taking. He delivered! Richard did the impossible; he got to the ‘right’ people right away, which I was never able to do on my own. He negotiated interest-rate reduction and set up a payment plan, involving me in every decision along the way. He did this in one day and further negotiations took a couple more days. I honestly felt like I was his only client–that’s how personal and timely he is. I have confidence and regard for him, as I am certain you will also. Call him in any of his practice areas–You will be pleased!”
~ Celine F.

“I decided to shop around for an attorney and found Symmes Law Group after initially planning to enter into an agreement with a different attorney. I read some of the reviews on Symmes Law Group and decided to call. I was impressed that Richard Symmes answered the my call personally and proceeded to answer a number of questions I had concerning the specifics of my situation. I was very pleasantly surprised that he patiently and thoughtfully answered every question that I had, including billing rate questions, without requiring me to pay any money. At the conclusion of my phone consultation with Mr. Symmes, I knew I would be hiring Symmes Law Group and scheduled a date to meet with him. It was a 2 month process for Mr. Symmes to help me through my legal situation and I was very impressed with his representation from start to finish. He was very professional, knowledgeable and attentive and I felt his fee was very reasonable and well deserved. The attorney I was considering hiring before Symmes Law Group would have been 2 to 2.5 times more expensive. With Symmes Law Group, you are clearly and completely informed of the services you will receive and how much the cost will be. Best of all, Symmes Law Group does what it says it is going to do. I am pleased to say that I am a very satisfied client.”
~ Earl Z.

“Where do we wife & I were in dire straits. I actually reached out to Richard a year ago and he answered all of my questions-no pressure, no sales tactics to follow up. THAT”S why I called him back. I read the reviews fro m his past clients it just made sense. In fact when we left his office, as soon as we pulled up to our home a processor was there to serve us with a $10,000 bill AND the next day PSE was there to cut off our lights, $1,800! (I was laid off) We were able to include all of it and we we’re able to finally get a good nights rest. He didn’t make us feel like we we are unworthy, like we didn’t matter, like all he wanted was our money. If you’re looking or have been looking take it from us, THIS is the firm you need for your family.
~ Derrick L.

“I had a complicated legal situation related to past judgement and was looking for a good BK attorney. Symmes Law Group was one of the top three best reviewed offices in Seattle, but Richard was the only one who took the time to review in detail my paperwork and to give me his honest professional opinion even BEFORE I hired him. Afterwards I was in a hurry to file ASAP and he made a great effort to accommodate my needs working late evenings and even answering my calls on a weekend. Trust me, there are very, very few lawyers who’d do this ever! Richard Symmes professional knowledge, attention to detail and above all his dedication to his clients is remarkable! One thing I can say for sure, that if I (or family member) ever need legal help again (which I hope I won’t) Richard Symmes will be my first and only choice! I only wish there were more attorneys like him.”
~ Uri K.

“My husband and I were referred to Richard by a coworker and had no inkling of the bankruptcy process, just that we needed help! Richard was very welcoming and easy to talk to. He gave us confidence that our lives could become less stressful and debt free and explained the process in simplistic terms. He was very patient with us and always responded immediately to any questions we had. He is extremely knowledge about the bankruptcy process and once we got all of our end of the documentation process completed and submitted to him, he had it filed with the court almost immediately! I would recommend Richard Symmes any day of the week; he is professional, knowledgeable, consistent, honest and on top of his game! Thank You Richard Symmes!!”
~ Nina P.

“Richard is a stand up guy, who really helped in a family crisis in a foreclosure issue, he literally helped save the day in the eleventh hour, the SAME day I called him!. He is a quick and clear communicator. He worked late in to the evening to help out my family and we cannot thank him enough! Richard is clearly very knowledgeable about his specialty, knew exactly how to help, and we are so thankful. I highly recommend him!
~ Alanna M.

“Richard is an excellent communicator! He was always quick to respond to my questions even in his off hours. His website alone is a treasure trove of well thought out information. His instruction through out the process is very easy to follow and he is always there if needed. I highly recommend Richard!”
~ Michael H.

“Mr. Symmes is kind and patient as we had a lot of questions and anxiety. Most of all, he’s efficient. What we thought would be a huge ordeal turned out to be very manageable with his help. We couldn’t have done it without him. I would recommend him to any and all, including my family and friends. Thank you Mr. Symmes!”
~ Mike O.

“This week I reached out to Symmes Law Group(was consulted) and I was impressed with their responsiveness! They also thoroughly answered all my questions and brought information to my attention that I have been over looking for years. I would recommend my family and friends to the Symmes Law Group if they are in need of legal assistance in the areas of credit repair, bankruptcy and/or debt settlements.”
~ Trey M.

“We contacted Richard to assist us with our financial issues and he was so helpful and eased our minds regarding filing for bankruptcy. He was more than helpful and was very empathic to our situation. Richard knew we were having troubles deciding what to do and he went the extra mile to contact a trustee that he knew to get some ball park answers for us. We would recommend Richard to anyone in the same situation as we were in.”
~ Sue and Chuck

“Richard helped my son and I with his bankruptcy filing. He was always quick to answer every phone call and email and even later into the evening, which was a pleasant surprise to us. My son wanted to file as quickly as possible before his wedding so his new wife would not have to bear the weight of the bankruptcy with him. Even though we gave him a very short timeline, Richard took very quick action to get the papers filed immediately before the wedding. We are very pleased with his services.”
~ Melissa A.

“Richard Symmes has impressed me with his uniformity to answer questions in a methodical and quick manner! Based on Richard Symmes willingness to respond to questions in a timely manner. I award him with “good credit” (A little sense of humor. Get it, “Good Credit”) for defining good customer service! I believe I wrote him (Via email) at 10pm–not expecting a response back-and he responded! WOW! Bravo so far!”
~ Curt T.

“I had a hard time finding a lawyer to help me settle some school loan debts. I don’t even know how I stumbled upon Richard Symmes but I saw all the great reviews so I decided to give him a call. He was really patient as I explained him my situation and answered all my questions. He was able to resolve all my issues and obtained a great settlement and even assisted us in paying off the loan before the deadline. I have 100% trust in Richard Symmes and will definitely use him again in the future as well as refer families & friends to his service if they are looking for someone honest & trustworthy to deal with their debts. Check out the other great reviews, he has helped a lot of people in bad situations and he will help you too. He’s almost like a superhero! 🙂
~ Tina H.

“We contacted Mr. Symmes to help get us back on a financial track! He has been amazing! Very kind, gracious and very professional! He was very quick with responses and getting back to us! My husband and I recommend him highly! Thank you Richard for all your help and kindness!
~ Crystal F.

“I ve been looking for an attorney to help me start my life over again by filing for bankruptcy. After talking to a few attorneys I never got a comfortable feeling so I looked around some more to see if I can find anyone to help me. Richard popped in my search and after reading reviews about him I decided to call and see if he can help me. After meeting with him I decided to hire him as my attorney he is very knowledgeable and helpful. He’s made an embarrassing circumstance for me very pleasant and painless. I appreciate him for working on my case fast and efficient. He’s definitely a great attorney and you won’t regret hiring him. Thank you Richard for all your help your well appreciated!”
~ Jessica P.

“I received nothing but professional help. He was so informative and made sure I understood everything about the chapter I was filing. He was very patient with me when it came to his retainer, always checking in with me for months until around six months later I was able to pay in full. I would recommend him to anybody a very professional lawyer that cares.
~ Brian C.

“The Symmes Law Group and especially Richard Symmes were wonderful in helping my wife and I with our Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Honestly I was stressed about the whole process, and Richard was a guide step by step. I must say our case took time with moving for employment, and dealing with some family issues. Richard was more than patient and always responded promptly to any questions that we had( and we had plenty). I would refer to The Symmes Law Group anytime for any of their legal services. Thank you again to the Symmes Law Group and Richard for all of your help”
~ Kyle B.

“Extremely happy with my experience. Richard is extremely efficient and is excellent conveying information as needed. I would definitely recommend Symmes Law Group. Thanks for everything Richard!”
~ Jon G.

“I contacted Richard regarding a business situation where one of my tenants was filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. His answer to my questions were concise and understandable in plain English. I had answers to all of my questions the same day I contacted him…Richard got back to me himself right away. I found this to be very refreshing. His fees were extremely competitive as well. I highly recommend Richard at the Symmes Law Group”
~ Mike W.

“Richard assisted me with an upside down investment property that had been weighing me down for quite some time. He was prompt, professional and accurate throughout the process. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who has even considered bankruptcy or debt settlement to at least talk to Richard as he will quickly answer any question or concerns. Thanks Richard! You are truly a lifesaver!”
~ Reid L.

“Richard Symmes guided me calmly, professionally and without any pressure through this trying time. He took an exceptional amount of time answering all of my questions and addressing my concerns. I valued his point of view, and understanding. I was impressed and highly recommend him.”
~ Sherry F.

“Not knowing what to expect walking into the Symmes Law Group that day, I walked out feeling so relieved that I chose the Symmes Law group. Richard helped me get through the whole process, explaining everything clearly and what I was to expect after everything is finalized. The whole process was painless and I would highly recommend the Symmes Law group. Thanks again!”
~ Michael S.

“I was referred to Mr. Symmes through the Washington Moderate Means program as I was in a very tight financial spot and was having trouble even coming up with the money for a bankruptcy.  I was impressed that he himself answered his phone personally.  He was patient and very efficient in taking care of the filing and that night was the first night I had actually slept without worrying.  Thank you!”
~ Paula C.

“I wanted to thank you for your service in my bankruptcy. I was more than pleased with your straight forward answers to my questions, laying out just what my fees would be, and what the process was going to entail. You always answered my calls and emails promptly, and showed great patience in explaining things to me. I would describe your service, and you, as honest, straight forward, and no hidden surprises. Again, I was very pleased with your service and would gladly recommend you to anyone needing your services. I have had a great weight lifted from me, and a sense of relief once the agonizing decision to file for bankruptcy was made. Thank you so much.”
~ Wade W.

“I found Symmes Law Group online through a search, and I read all the reviews and that is what made me call. After speaking to Richard Symmes, he answered a ton of my questions and we chose to move forward with him. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and made the entire process completely opposite of what I was dreading. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He responds very quickly to all the emails I sent him, and is very professional. Thanks so much Richard for everything!!!”
~ Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Client

We highly recommend Richard Symmes for legal assistance on financial matters.  He was professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly.  His expertise made the legal process a smooth experience.”
~ Laurie  D.

“My wife and I can’t thank Richard enough. He came thru with little notice to help us with our bankruptcy and made us very comfortable with whole process. Thank you Richard for offering peace of mind!”
~ K.C. & Larisa

~ J and E

“Richard was AWESOME. I was terrified about the whole thing, but he made the process quick and straightforward. He is professional, effective, relaxed, and extremely available–I called a LOT! At my bankruptcy hearing I felt very lucky: some of the other folks there for bankruptcy were working with huge law firms and hadn’t even met their attorneys before. I recommend Richard without reservations, and with great enthusiasm.”
~ Beatrice

You have been really awesome in a situation I never thought I would have to face. We are very happy- it was a hard decision to file; but a good one for sure! I will send you anyone I know who needs assistance ;)”
~ Jim and Ronnie

“Very efficient and professional. Glad I found Richard Symmes to help me through my bankruptcy. He will help you from start to finish without any delay. He is prompt in responding to questions, patient, and friendly.”
~ Val S.

“Mr. Symmes was prompt and thorough when assisting me with a family bankruptcy process. Due to illness, my family member could not handle the bankruptcy on his own, and Mr. Symmes helped me guide my loved one through this challenge. Kudos for his patience!
~ Sue S.

“Richard, thank you for your expertise, your patience, your fairness, and for having given me some piece of mind. Hope your practice flourishes in the coming years – it deserves too. You are my lawyer of choice for referrals. Much appreciation.”
~ Stefan J.

“Richard was an amazing attorney! I was facing garnishment and he did not have much time to do all my paperwork. He did it on time and kept me included the whole time with what needed to be done. He did my case in a timely manner..very professional. I recommend him and know that he will take care of you!!, Thanks Richard!”
~ Angela R.

Richard made the process so easy & simple for me. I met with him only twice and was able to file very quickly. He was extremely knowledgeable, was quick to respond to any questions I had and really made me feel like he was holding my hand through this ugly process. He really is the best. =)”
~ Delia

“We really appreciate what you have done for our family! You gave us a second chance!
~ Brian and Heidi

“Richard is very interested in helping people. He really knows his business. My Wife and I are so Relieved that we met Richard.”
~ Bryant W.

“Richard, I was completely satisfied with your handling of my chapter 7 bankruptcy case and your fair cost to me. I will highly recommend your services to my friends and family. Thanks again for great job.”
~ Tim E.

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for helping me dig out of the financial hole I was in. Your counsel, organization and perseverance was immeasurable in helping me work with my situation and avoid bankruptcy. You kept every bit of the commitment you gave me from the beginning.”
~ Bryan M.

“Working with Mr. Symmes was an extremely easy and quick legal process. He was thorough, knowledgeable and was able to handle my legal problem quite smoothly. I definitely recommend him for your legal issues.”
~ Gina B.

“Mr Symmes was very quick with every response witch was a breath of fresh air, I needed help regarding a misunderstanding with MCM and he was able to set me in the correct direction in less than a week! I highly recommend Richard Symmes to get the job done.”
~ Layla D.

“Mr Richard Symmes is a great attorney’s! He’s proficient, timely, smart, and thorough. Highly recommend: A+++.”

~ Carolyn M.

“Thank you very much Richard. You are the BEST and I endorse your services to anyone who needs an outstanding trademark attorney..”
~ Billy T.

“Professional and courteous and quickly responded to all my questions and concerns.”
~ Russell H.

“When I first met Richard, I was hesitant to hire him for my Bankruptcy case because he looks so young and inexperienced but I was wrong and I’m glad I stayed with him. He was approachable, kind and will work with you all the way. He will make you comfortable and at ease, answers all your questions, quick response to your email and other messages. I would definitely recommend him to my friends. Thank you Richard.”
~ Sandy F.

“Richard is very honest and upfront about his services what he knows and is willing to research to better provide me the help that I needed.”
~ Phil L.

“Richard is very responsive to our questions. He explains his answers very clearly. He calls or e-mails us back immediately so we are not left worrying or wondering about our problems. His recommendations have led us in the right direction.”
~ Heidi and Jeff.

“I contacted Symmes Law Group to see about getting a logo copyright registered and trademarked. Richard replied to my every question and was more detailed than I ever expected. He helped me from beginning all the way through the process and took the time to educate me about federal laws, regulations and limitations. Furthermore, Symmes Law Group did a great job of following up with me and informing me of the progress along the way. I am excited to see my business ideas come together and especially having the peace of mind knowing that all the legal aspects are taken care of…I can rest assured that it’s being taken care of for me in my behalf. What an asset! I had a great experience with Symmes Law Group and look forward to having them represent me on further business endeavors.”
~ Corey B.

“When I first come Symmes Law Group for an appointment for a Debt Consolidation I was a little nervous since I do not know what to expect and when I first meet Richard he feel me comfortable on questions that I have and my concerns having not going through this process before. His expert professionalism in the field that you are consulting him makes you feel confident that you went to the right person that could help you and I know that anyone that comes to him will benefit them the same way that it did to me!
~ Nenita V.

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